Château Meyney: Vineyards

The vineyards of Château Meyney lie in a single plot, covering an impressive 51 hectares of the St-Estèphe appellation, adjoining those of near neighbours Château Montrose (to the south) and Château Phélan-Ségur (to the north). As I have already indicated in my introduction, the estate’s proximity to the Montrose vineyards is remarkable; it is by driving down the D2E4 alongside the Gironde that this becomes most clear. One moment you are driving past the vines of Meyney, the next it is Montrose. The two share a spot on the same prominent gravel terrace overlooking the Gironde.

Château Meyney

Having said that, the romantic description of the estate I espoused in my introduction might not be all it seems. Soil studies conducted at the estate indicate five distinct soil types, gravel, clay, limestone, marl and sand; this much was evident to me the first time I spent some time poking around the Meyney vineyards, when I quickly realised there is a significant amount of sand rather than more desirable gravel here.

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