Château Meyney: Luetkens and the Cordiers

The Feuillant monks lived a frugal life, for the order forewent dairy produce, seasoning and fish, among other things. Happily wine was a central part of their religious process and this makes the vineyards of Château Meyney some of the longest established in this region. This monastic occupation came to an abrupt finish with the Revolution towards the end of 18th century though, as the will of the new citizens of France ensured that the church lost out just as much as the nobility. The estate was seized as a bien national and thus entered private ownership.

Château Meyney

The buildings and vineyards were acquired by the wine merchant Charles Luetkens (1744 – 1801), who already owned Château La Tour Carnet near St-Julien-Beychevelle, the Luetkens family having bought that estate prior to the fervour of the Revolution.

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