Château Labégorce: Vineyards

Château Labégorce is located to the north of the villages of Cantenac and Margaux, situated close to the road that runs out of the latter en route for Soussans. This makes it one of the more northerly of the most noteworthy châteaux in the Margaux appellation, as beyond the villages of Soussans and the neighbouring commune of Tayac there lies the low land around the Estey de Tayac, the drainage channel which separates the vineyards of Margaux from those of the Haut-Médoc.

Château Labégorce

The vineyards of the 21st-century Château Labégorce now include those from both the 19th-century Château Labégorce and the now defunct Château Labégorce-Zédé. The former contributed about 30 hectares, the latter 27 hectares, so today the estate has approximately 57 hectares of vines in production. The ‘original’ Château Labégorce vines, which are relevant to vintages up to 2009, include three main plots, all three of which lie in the northernmost part of the commune of Margaux. The largest plot lies just northeast of the Weltener château, with a second plot around the château itself, more-or-less midway between the villages of Margaux and Soussans, while the smallest plot lies a little further north around the church in Soussans. Within the Château Labégorce section the oldest vines, of which there are just four hectares, date from between 1902 and 1950. More date from 1951 to 1985, whereas a quarter date from 1989 when extensive replanting took place, although overall the vines are approximately 35 years of age.

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