Château Dauzac: Vineyards

Château Dauzac lies in the commune of Labarde, within the Margaux appellation. It sits overlooking a bend in the D209, shortly before it joins the famed D2, the Route des Châteaux. Its nearest neighbour is thus Château Siran, which sits just down the road, slightly closer to this junction. The estate is therefore very close to the waters of the Garonne, just as it joins the Dordogne; while all around the estate there are vineyards, behind the château and its gardens there is the palus, a short stretch of low-lying alluvial land not planted to vines which runs down to the banks of the river. The distance from château to water is just 350 metres.

Château Dauzac

Today the Dauzac estate covers 120 hectares in all, of which 49 hectares are planted to vines. Of these 45 hectares are within the Margaux appellation and they have typically deep, gravelly soils, the château being located on one of the deep gravel croupes that characterise the vineyards of the Médoc peninsula.

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