Château Boyd-Cantenac: Tasting & Drinking

As I indicated in my introduction to this profile, the wines of Château Boyd-Cantenac are not ones I have encountered frequently, and as such my notes here are rather more sparse than is usually the case. Of those vintages I have tasted, the wine in question was the grand vin in only a handful of cases. Curiously, by chance as much as anything else, this is an estate where I have had some reasonable experience with the second wine, Jacques Boyd. This might be the norm for first growths and their equivalents, who are always found pouring their second wine during the primeurs, but it is not usually the situation with minor Margaux estates.

Accepting that this makes for a limited exposure to the wines, I certainly don’t feel that Château Boyd-Cantenac is challenging its Margaux peers in terms of quality. The wines here have a soft, easy-going and gently attractive nature.

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