Château d’Arsac: Vineyards

Château d’Arsac is located (unsurprisingly) in the commune of Arsac, one of five communes which has eligibility for the Margaux appellation. It sits at the heart of the commune, just to the west of the settlement of the same name. On the opposite eastern side of the town of Arsac are the vineyards of Château Monbrison, Château du Tertre and Château Angludet, the first two of which share a common origin with Château d’Arsac.

Château d'Arsac

Otherwise the vineyard of Château d’Arsac is surrounded by woodland. Only the aspect to the south is open, allowing a good view of the château – and its steel girder sculpture by Bernar Venet – if you approach from this direction. If you look a little further to the west you will find La Winery, the wine shop and wine tourism destination also established by Philippe Raoux, but sold to Lucien Lurton.

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