Château Angludet: Vineyards

The estate sits between Cantenac, Macau and Arsac, the vineyards today situated entirely within the commune of Cantenac, although previously some lay in the commune of Arsac. Its near-neighbours are all classed-growth estates, with Château Brane-Cantenac and Château Cantenac-Brown to the northwest, Château Kirwan, Château Desmirail and Château Prieuré-Lichine all gathered together in Cantenac to the north, and Château Giscours to the southeast. Another cru bourgeois favourite, Château Siran, also lies to the east. Château du Tertre can be found to the southwest. No wonder these vineyards have such fine potential.

Château Angludet

Today the estate amounts to 81 hectares in total, with 32 hectares of vineyards all gathered together in a single block around the château. The vines are located on the top and slope of a plateau named Le Grand Poujeau, running down to La Laurina, a small river which drains directly into the Gironde, providing valuable drainage. Only three of the aforementioned estates have vines on Le Grand Poujeau, these being Château Angludet, Château Giscours and Château du Tertre. At the lowest part of the vineyard the vines are about 13 metres above sea level, rising to 21 metres on the highest part of the plateau. The soils are naturally rich in ancient gravel, with some sandy components.

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