Château Latour, 2019 Releases

The run up to my annual visit to Bordeaux for the primeurs tastings sees me ticking off my ‘to do’ checklist. Have I made all my travel arrangements? Check. Have I made all my châteaux appointments? Check. Have I sorted out somewhere to lay my head at night? Check. One year, I have to admit, I forgot to do this, and nearly ended up sleeping on the back seat of my hire car, easier said than done bearing in mind the car I had rented was only marginally more spacious than your average telephone box (hmm……telephone boxes……remember those?).

And, of course, the vital question, have the team at Château Latour announced which vintages will be included in their annual release this year?

Château Latour

These days, receiving the news from Château Latour regarding the next batch of late-released wines seems almost as much a part of my annual programme as the primeurs, the Salon de Vins de Loire and my birthday (although I am contemplating giving up on the latter). This year I wrote that the releases were the 2008 Château Latour and the 2013 Les Forts de Latour, with no sign of a release of the third wine, the generic Pauillac. Apparently this was released slightly earlier in the year (so Hélène Génin, pictured above, told me when I visited in April), so news of that must have slipped by when I was looking the other way. The vintage released was the 2014.

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