Château Duhart-Milon

It was during the primeur tastings one year that I made my first-ever visit to Château Duhart-Milon. Normally the estate’s barrel samples are tasted at Château Lafite-Rothschild, at that time under the gaze of Charles Chevallier in a rather understated tasting room which had the air of an old scullery. In more recent years the samples have instead been poured in a rather swanky open-plan and fully-glazed tasting and function room, but the point is the same; to taste Château Duhart-Milon, you went to Château Lafite-Rothschild.

This particular year, however, there was building work at Lafite, and as a consequence the tastings were moved to Château Duhart-Milon. This might sound like an exciting diversion, but bear in mind that Château Duhart-Milon is one of the few properties in the 1855 classification of Bordeaux to lack a true château. This was, in essence, a visit to a warehouse. An attractive warehouse, admittedly, but still a warehouse.

The warehouse in question is located off a side street in Pauillac.

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