Château Haut-Bages-Libéral

It is remarkable what a difference a few metres can make when it comes to vineyards and the wine they produce. At the southern edge of the Pauillac appellation sits Château Latour, an estate which many – including myself – would regard as the appellation’s grandest. The château, dovecot and extensive winery buildings are surrounded by a gently undulating ocean of vines, old but strong, the waves of this vinous ocean carrying a spray of creamy white and pale-grey pebbles. The wines that come from these soils, these vines, is one of the most sought after in all Bordeaux.

Château Haut-Bages-Libéral

And then, at the northern limit of the Latour vineyard lies the Route de la Rivière, a small road which runs down to the palus, the uncultivated pasture that borders the Gironde, before turning northwards and heading directly into Pauillac itself.

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