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Bordeaux 2020 at Two Years: Pomerol

Bordeaux 2020 at Two Years: Pomerol

In 2020 the Pomerol appellation continues its mission to become the Tardis of Bordeaux. A comparable size to famed left bank communal appellations such as St Julien (where you find just eleven classed growth châteaux, around which are scattered a handful of other domaines), Pomerol’s multifaceted topography and multi-parcellated nature means that every year I seem to discover more and more new domaines, vineyards, châteaux and wines.

This report on the recently bottled 2020 vintage sees the return of one or two recent discoveries, including Clos 126, as well as the arrival of yet more entirely unfamiliar names. The latter include the likes of Château Porte Chic, a property in the hands of Jean-Louis Trocard, and Château Clos Beauséjour, which is part of the Vignobles Sullivan portfolio alongside, most notably, Château Gaby in Canon-Fronsac. I don’t believe I have tasted either before.

Perhaps perversely I would also include Château de Sales in this group of recent newcomers; in fact it is one of the most historic properties in the region, and also one of the largest, and yet I have rarely encountered its wines. Its position, tucked away behind a patch of woodland in the very periphery of the appellation, does little to raise its profile.

Pomerol 2020

Alongside these less well-known wines, of course, we also have all the usual suspects in this report; Petrus, Le Pin, Lafleur, Vieux Château Certan, L’Évangile, Trotanoy, La Violette, Enclos Tourmaline, La Conseillante and Clinet, as well as quite a few more. In total, 58 wines, including the very best of what the 2020 vintage has to offer.

So let’s get on and take a more detailed look at just some of these famous names.

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