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Bordeaux 2020 at Two Years: Appellation Bordeaux

Bordeaux 2020 at Two Years: Appellation Bordeaux

In this instalment of my in-bottle guide to Bordeaux 2020 I throw together all the wines with the basic Bordeaux appellation, be they white or red.

As with my third St Emilion report, this makes for an intriguing mix of wines from well known and highly regarded châteaux in iconic appellations, as well as less well-known châteaux in the very peripheries of the region which have no option other than to use one of the more generic appellations. In the former group we have exalted names such as Château Margaux, Château Cos d’Estournel, Château Cheval Blanc and the like, all properties making a white wine alongside their more famous red. In the latter group there are a few familiar names such as Château de Reignac, but also relative unknowns some of which undoubtedly deserve a larger share of the limelight.

Bordeaux 2020

Let’s take a look at the whites first.

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