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Bordeaux 2020 at Two Years: Pessac-Léognan, Red

Bordeaux 2020 at Two Years: Pessac-Léognan, Red

“We must apologise”, read the email from a top château in Pessac-Léognan, “but we must ask you to reschedule your appointment to taste the 2020s with us”.

No trip to Bordeaux is glitch-free. This was especially true during the time of Covid-19, when plans were prone to change at less than a moment’s notice. Travelling through France – specifically, to both Bordeaux and the Loire Valley – at that time introduced me to a broad variety of new wine trip ‘experiences’. Often these ‘experiences’ involved hastily rearranged appointments so I could squeeze in an unscheduled PCR test, as the rules for travel changed for the third time in a month. And then persuading the pharmacist to actually undertake the test I had booked, and that yes, it would be valid for a flight 36 hours from now.

Most of which was achieved speaking French; given that ten years ago I struggled with the word for “that long stick of bread” this was something of an achievement. It left me believing I could probably overcome most travel gremlins thrown my way. So bring it on, anonymous château! What’s the problem?

Pessac-Léognan 2020

“Our concern is that we have some electrical repairs scheduled for the day in question”, continued the message, “and the electricity will be switched off. We think it will be too dark for you to taste. We suggest moving the tasting to another day”.

A valid concern. The problem was, this was my only day in Pessac-Léognan, and if you know Bordeaux geography it simply isn’t possible to flit from Pauillac, to Pessac-Léognan, to Pomerol, all in a heartbeat. I needed to find a different solution.

“No problem”, I replied. “I will bring some candles”.

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