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Bordeaux 2020 Primeurs: Primeur Picks

Bordeaux 2020 Primeurs: Primeur Picks

I conclude my Bordeaux 2020 primeurs reports with an easily digestible summary of what’s hot in the vintage; the best wines, and some that might offer value for money. The latter is always a little challenging, as we all have our own notions of what might constitute ‘value’, so maybe ‘the most enjoyable and yet not too expensive’ would be an alternative name for this latter list.

Bordeaux 2020

This 2020 primeurs report is without a doubt my largest thus far. Wave after wave of samples arrived at my address in Scotland, occasionally without warning. Most courier firms provide notification by text or email of an impending delivery, but one or two do not. It was pure good fortune that I happened to be home when the very first delivery, approximately two hundred bottles sent by Michel Rolland, turned up. The delivery driver found me by my garage as I was just about to head out (I forget where).

“Hiya mate. You Chris Kissack? Yeah? Well, I got forty boxes for ya”.

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