Château Sérilhan: Vineyards

When Didier Marcelis took control of the estate there were just 9.5 hectares of vines; subsequently this grew to a peak of 24 hectares, although today it is much close to 20 hectares. Much of this very significant expansion was achieved early on with the purchase of land from the local co-operative. They were selling off the vineyards because of the retirement of several of their more aged members; rising land prices made for a lucrative sale, but the prices were not so extortionate as to be unaffordable (they are much higher now). A number of châteaux took advantage of this fire-sale, and increased their holdings considerably. Didier was one of these lucky beneficiaries, and from relatively small beginnings the estate has grown to an admirable size.

Château Sérilhan

Didier has not only extended the vineyard, he has also developed it and changed much of the working practices. Early on he adjusted the trellising height of the vines, low training being a common problem in older vineyards. The dependence on chemicals was reduced, as in 2004 he began working the soil in preference.

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