Château Pichon-Baron: Vineyards

The vineyards are for the main part concentrated on the left-hand side of the D2 as it courses through Pauillac, and thus the estate faces Château Pichon-Lalande on the other side of the road, and behind that lies Château Latour. These are, it should go without saying, illustrious neighbours, and it clearly indicates we are in a real sweet-spot for the Pauillac appellation here. All told the estate accounts for 88 hectares of the appellation, and of this 73 hectares are committed to vines.

Château Pichon-Baron

The main part, as already explained, is the historic heart of the estate which surrounds the grand château. Here there are 40 hectares of vines, approximately 60% of the entire estate, on the deep gravel that typifies the best terroirs of the Médoc.

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