Château Duhart Milon: The Castéja Era

Bringing together these two vineyards, Pierre Castéja found himself in control of a 40-hectare estate which now went by the name of Duhart-Milon, and it was during his tenure that the property was deemed a quatrième cru in the 1855 classification of the Médoc, a classification that has persisted through to modern times. Pierre married Laure Maillères (1814 – 1882), on March 3rd 1832. They had two sons, Maurice Castéja (1833 – 1884) and Pierre-Eugène Castéja (1840 – 1912), as well as two daughters Marie Castéja (died 1915) and Jeanne Castéja. Following the death of Pierre Castéja in 1863, it was the younger of the two brothers, Pierre-Eugène, who took on the running of the estate.

Château Duhart-Milon

Pierre-Eugène ran the estate for many decades, and married Cécile Kiener (1857 – 1897), the union producing three children. There was a son, Jean Castéja (1882 – 1955), and two daughters, Suzanne and Hélène Castéja. It was Jean who inherited when Pierre-Eugène died in 1912, while his sister Suzanne, married since 1908 to Jacques Calvé (1875 – 1920), continued to help her brother.

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