Château Le Boscq: Tasting & Drinking

Château Le Boscq is a grand and imposing property, with enviably positioned vineyards, directly alongside – provided you squint a little, to look beyond the Chenal de Calon – those of Château Calon-Ségur. It joins the ranks of other Saint-Estèphe properties with famous neighbours to which we can look for wines of both quality and value. Other notable members of this club include Château Meyney, which neighbours Château Montrose and which has been on a roll in recent years, and Château Lilian Ladouys, which looks across the road at Château Lafon-Rochet.

Having said that, the 20th century was not entirely kind to Château Le Boscq, and I believe this is a property which has not yet reached its full potential. It has been enjoyable to see the quality improve over the last decade or two, an achievement for which the Vignobles Dourthe team, led by Frédéric Bonnaffous, deserve credit. The climb in quality makes choosing the best vintages quite straightforward; go for more recent vintages. I would plump for 2020, 2018 or 2016 in preference to 2012, 2011 and even 2010. That these more recent vintages outclass even the better years such as 2010 illustrate just how far this estate has come under the current management. Long may this ascendancy, in the hands of Vignobles Dourthe of course, continue. (18/8/21, updated 10/9/23)

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