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Domaine Le Fay d’Homme, 2023 Update

Domaine Le Fay d’Homme, 2023 Update

In what is quite possibly the final Muscadet report of this season (to be honest, I need to have a quick look through my notebook in case there are some other hastily scribbled tasting notes I have overlooked) we come now to the wines of Vincent Caillé, at Domaine Le Fay d’Homme.

Vincent is one of the unsung heroes of the Muscadet region, his time in the limelight seemingly very limited. As I already mentioned in my recently published Famille Lieubeau tasting report, what little attention is foisted upon the various Muscadet appellations is often directed towards a small handful of domaines, leaving other very talented vignerons struggling to grab a piece of the action.

Vincent Caillé, Domaine Le Fay d'Homme

And yet Vincent’s wines are really very good. I recall more a few years ago in Chinon I stopped off at La Cabane à Vin, a wine bar on the Place du Général de Gaulle which is co-owned by Matthieu Baudry and Yves Plaisantin. I was delighted to see they were selling the 2014 Clos de la Févrie from Vincent Caillé by the glass, and I ordered a couple (not both for me, by the way, I had company). Matthieu himself brought them out, and confessed (and this was nearly seven years ago, so forgive me if I paraphrase), “we weren’t planning on listing a Muscadet, but we had to when we tasted it – we could not believe Muscadet could be that good”.

Vincent even manages to surprise fellow vignerons with his wines. But my eyes had been opened to the joys of Muscadet many years earlier, and I savoured every drop.

So it was good to stop off recently and catch up with Vincent. In this tasting report I get to grips with his forthcoming and most recent releases, not just under the Domaine Le Fay d’Homme label but also Vine Revival, which he runs with the help of Christelle Guibert.

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