Loire 2020 First Taste: The Nantais

In my opening tasting report on the 2020 vintage in the Loire Valley I take a look at a small number of wines from the Nantais, including Muscadet and a selection of wines classified as IGP or Vin de France.

The number of wines reported on here is fewer than usual, a consequence of not being able to travel to the region in early 2021. I would normally get to grips with the latest vintage at the Salon des Vins de Loire, its associated mini-salons such as the Renaissance tasting, and in more recent years Wine Paris, in February. Travel restrictions as a consequence of Covid-19 thwarted any such plans. Nevertheless I have a handful of samples from Les Bêtes Curieuses, Domaine de la Combe, Domaine de la Tourmaline, Pierre Sauvion of Château du Cléray and a less familiar name (to me anyway), Domaine la Morinière. I am grateful to all those who sent samples.

Loire 2020

I have also already reported on other wines of the 2020 vintage in my recently published 2021 Famille Lieubeau and 2021 Domaine des Herbauges tasting updates, so you can find more 2020-related opinions and tasting notes there. Other domaines set to feature in forthcoming Muscadet reports include Domaine du Haut Bourg, Les Bêtes Curieuses, Gadais Père et Fils, Domaine de la Combe and Les Frères Couillard, the latter proprietors of both Domaine de la Ragotière and Domaine de la Morinière.

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