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Loire 2017 at Three Years: Sparkling, Demi-Sec & Moelleux

Loire 2017 at Three Years: Sparkling, Demi-Sec & Moelleux

In previous instalments of these tasting reports at three years I have naturally concluded with a few words on the vintage’s sweet wines, a report occasionally hampered by limited access (at this early stage) to what is often a small number of wines. To pad it out a little, I also include tasting notes on any demi-sec wines I encounter. I have always felt a little uncomfortable about that, because although the demi-sec and moelleux wines share one obvious feature – residual sugar – I view them as completely distinct styles which have different purposes, and they should not really be lumped under one banner.

Loire 2017

It is perhaps a side-effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, but I am learning (or trying to learn, anyway), to ‘go with the flow’ a little more often. And so rather than bristling at this unholy union of demi-sec and moelleux, I thought I would include my tasting notes on any sparkling wines I encounter here as well. So welcome to my final report on the 2017 vintage in the Loire Valley, featuring sparkling, demi-sec and moelleux wines. Indeed, the only style missing for a full house is fortified – if you know of anyone in Chinon or nearby making Cabernet Franc in the vin doux natural style, do please let me know.

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