Jean-Marc Biet, 2019 Update

With a portfolio of wines which includes some of the most interesting cuvées to be made along the banks of the Cher, I would never shy away from an opportunity to revisit the wines of Jean-Marc Biet and his daughter Julie Biet. Jean-Marc started out here more than a few years ago, in 1984, taking on the family’s vines, which were handed down directly from his grandfather. He also found himself in receipt of land used for the cultivation of cereals, and for goats, two assets of which he quickly disinvested himself. Having since expanded the domaine, he continues to fly well under the radar, turning out classically styled Sauvignon Blanc and, more interestingly, a range of red wines focusing on Côt, seasoned with Cabernet Franc and occasionally Pinot Noir.

Jean-Marc Biet

At this recent meeting with Jean-Marc (pictured above) and Julie I tasted several cuvées from the 2018 vintage, already documented in my Loire 2018 ‘first taste’ report. Here I look back at some wines from the other vintages tasted, largely 2017 and 2015.

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