Gadais Père et Fils, 2018 Update

The Gadais family have been making wine in St-Fiacre-sur-Maine for at least a century. In recent times the domaine has been the responsibility of the fourth generation of the family, in the shape of Christophe Gadais, but this is changing. Today it is increasingly the fifth generation, Pierre-Henri Gadais, who has hold of the reins, having begun working with his father in 2016. This he did after first studying viticulture and oenology at the lycée viticole in Briacé, appropriate enough bearing in mind both his father and grandfather Michel Gadais were educated there, and his great grandfather Louis Gadais was one of the lycée’s founders.

Gadais Père et Fils

Afterwards Pierre-Henri sought out some practical experience, first not too far from home at Domaine de la Pépière in Muscadet, and then with Famille Bourgeois in Sancerre, as well as stints in Savoie, Burgundy, New Zealand and Bordeaux. If you know Pierre-Henri’s story the fact he spent some time with the Bourgeois family will perhaps come as no surprise. Before taking over the running of the family domaine his father Christophe Gadais worked for the Bourgeois family, and for many years he ran Domaine Laporte, a large and particularly flinty slice of the Bourgeois empire. Indeed, as Christophe married a Bourgeois daughter, Pierre-Henri Gadais (pictured above) is descended from both the Gadais and Bourgeois families.

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