Domaine de Bellevue, 2016 Update

Jérôme Bretaudeau started out in 2001, when he took over a tiny parcel of vines his father owned. The domaine is located in Gétigné, on the banks of the Sèvre, just upstream of Clisson, the Muscadet heartland. Despite this, Melon de Bourgogne does not feature strongly here, so this is not a domaine to come to if you wish to explore the multifaceted relationships that exist between this iconic variety and the region’s fractured igneous and metamorphic geology.

Instead, Jérôme seems to be more focused firstly on the exactitudes of his viticultural and oenological philosophies; the domaine is organic, certified by Ecocert, with a sprinkling of biodynamics. And secondly, he seems to prefer experimenting with varieties other than Melon de Bourgogne. Indeed, the few Muscadet cuvées made here are seriously outnumbered, the portfolio of wines showcasing everything from Loire stalwarts such as Sauvignon Gris and Cabernet Franc through to more unusual varieties including Pinot Gris (perhaps not as foreign as you might think – there are a couple of Loire appellations that feature this variety) and Merlot (definitely a foreigner).

Domaine de Bellevue

A few months ago I met up with Jérôme (above) to revisit and retaste some of his wines.

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