Bernard Baudry, 2016 Update

Continuing my recent flurry of Bourgueil, St Nicolas de Bourgueil and Chinon updates (this has perhaps not been very obvious, as they have been buried among Bordeaux 2013 reports and other tastings), I come now to the wines of Bernard Baudry, which these days are of course made by Bernard’s son Matthieu (pictured below). I have here some notes on the 2012 vintage, as well as a lone tasting note on 2013.

Bernard Baudry

As I have already discussed in this recent series of reports, neither vintage was ideal, although whereas 2013 was a bit of a washout the 2012 vintage was far from being a disaster. It was cooler than most would have liked, and ripening was barely adequate in some parts, but the wines seem to be turning out to be pretty, perfumed and attractive, even if they lag behind what we have seen in more favourable vintages such as 2010, 2009 and even 2011.

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