If you follow the domaines and wines of St Emilion, especially if you have the wisdom to follow some of the up-and-coming grand cru classé properties rather than the more Instagrammable superstar names of the appellation, you may well be familiar with the names and faces behind Calicem. Originally a project run as an experimental diversion, since its inception in the 2015 vintage Calicem has grown in significance and stature. Its vineyard has been expanded (slightly!), although even with the addition of a second parcel it remains microscopic and still easily overlooked. And it now also has dedicated cellars, next-door to some famous neighbours – including one or two of those Instagrammable superstars.


The production is tiny, to say the least, and the wines are not actively marketed. Indeed, if you wish to buy a few bottles, the only way to do so is to get in touch with the two individuals behind this project. And their identities? They are Xavier Jean and Denis Pomarède, best-known for their roles as proprietor and estate manager at Couvent des Jacobins.

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