Calicem: Vineyards

The Calicem vineyard accounts for just over 0.9 hectares of the St Emilion appellation, divided between two parcels. The first parcel was acquired in 2014 and this accounts for 0.75 hectares. These vines are located on a south-facing slope on the St Emilion côtes, on soils of clay over Molasses du Fronsadais. The vines here, 100% Merlot, were planted in 1961 and 1962, and any lost vines since have been complanted.


The second parcel (pictured above, in the foreground) adds a mere 0.2 hectares of old vines, again entirely 100% Merlot. These vines were acquired in 2019, at the same time as the house and cellars at Mazerat, between Château Angélus and Château Canon. They stand directly in front of the cellars, in two microscopic parcels. I believe there were more vines associated with the property, but they were not offered for sale. Xavier Jean has first refusal should this situation change though.

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