Domaine de Noiré, 2019 Update

One of the Chinon appellation’s less well known domaines, Domaine de Noiré is home to Jean-Max Manceau and his wife Odile. Jean-Max has a rather interesting curriculum vitae, having been responsible for winemaking at Château de la Grille for 28 years before he finally handed in his notice in 2009 when this historic estate was acquired by Baudry-Dutour. With more time on his hands he was free to tend to his own vines, which came from his wife’s family. They looked after vineyards once associated with neighbouring Château Noiré, but for three generations they had been content to sell their grapes to a local co-operative. Jean-Max soon put that to an end, vinifying the fruit himself to create his own range of wines.

Domaine de Noiré

Jean-Max (pictured above) has about 16 hectares of vines to keep him busy, all of which are tended using organic methods, and are certified as such. With the fruit he picks he produces a succinct portfolio of wines, two whites, a rosé, and a small selection of red wines, the crop divided up largely by terroir.

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