The Wines of Château de Montdomaine, 2023

In this latest instalment (number nine, if it matters) of my ill-defined canter through the vineyards, domaines and wines of Vouvray, we come to a domaine which scrapes in by the skin of its teeth. The skin of just two teeth, actually. If by teeth we mean cuvées of Vouvray, anyway.

The story of Château de Montdomaine is not a long one, but it is a complicated one, one which is centred around tragedy and a sense of family duty. It was the untimely passing of his father that catapulted Frédéric Plou (pictured below) towards the life of a vigneron. As a consequence, in less than a decade Frédéric went from being a young man with no cares or worries in the world, to still being a young man with an expansive vineyard to his name and significant family responsibilities.

Château de Montdomaine

In this brief report I provide a short account of Frédéric’s story before I present a collection of tasting notes pertaining to his portfolio of wines, which includes not only two cuvées of Vouvray, but also a variety of cuvées of Cabernet Franc, Sauvignon Blanc, Gamay and Côt, mostly under the Touraine appellation.

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