The Mitjavile Portfolio, 2015

I’m a quick learner. It only took one visit to François Mitjavile at Château Tertre-Roteboeuf, a few years ago now, to realise that if I was to continue with this visit in my annual primeurs schedule (which is surely a certainty), it was an appointment I should move to the end to the day. First, because tastings with François don’t always move fast, and the debate can easily drift from the wines at hand to astrology and philosophy, a half-decent attempt made to right all the wrongs of the world before the tasting glass is even refilled. Second, because François isn’t averse to pouring one or two wines beyond the primeurs samples, and only a fool turns down such an opportunity, simply because he was silly to make another appointment just one hour after a tasting at Château Tertre-Roteboeuf. On my first visit here I was that fool. Just the once though.

Château Tertre Roteboeuf

This year François followed his 2014 primeurs samples with all three of his wines – Château Tertre-Roteboeuf, Roc de Cambes and its companion Domaine de Cambes – from 2013, making this an excellent opportunity to revisit this vintage, a difficult one in which François did better than so many others. After that we looked further back in time to two wines from the 2005 vintage, now ten years of age. My notes on the 2014 vintage can be found in my 2014 St Emilion report, so below I discuss only the 2013 and 2005 vintages.

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