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Domaine des Herbauges, 2022 Update

Domaine des Herbauges, 2022 Update

During the course of the last few months I have enjoyed some fabulous tastings. By which I don’t mean that I have been in receipt of a tidal wave of samples chez Winedoctor, as became the norm during the pandemic; rather I mean I have been able to travel, and not only taste the wine, but also meet and chat with the people who made it. Or, at the very least, the people who pay the wages of the people who made it.

It’s almost been like old times. Pre-pandemic times.

Hopefully the publication of this short report on the Muscadets of Jérôme Choblet, of Domaine des Herbauges, a very large estate in the Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu appellation, is one more signpost pointing the way to the path back to normality.

Domaine des Herbauges

It was always my habit, on returning from the Salon des Vins de Loire each February, to launch into a series of Muscadet updates, reports and the occasional new profile, usually with a strong focus on the latest vintage. It made sense, as aside from the occasional bottle of rosé, these are the first wines of any given vintage consumers are likely to encounter. Sadly this year’s Salon de Vins de Loire was cancelled again (the wrong decision I think, given the success of Wine Paris a week later, but that’s another story); nevertheless, undeterred, I travelled to the Loire Valley anyway, and then to Wine Paris, to catch up with as many Loire growers as I could. I’m starting in Muscadet, and this is the first of nine domaine-specific reports and profiles taking in some of the leading names of the Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu and Muscadet Sèvre et Maine appellations.

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