Domaine de la Combe, 2022 Update

In today’s journey into Muscadet country we come to one of the more recent additions to the local wine scene, and one of its youngest vignerons. Pierre-Henri Gadais hails from a family of Muscadet-makers, the fourth generation to take on the running of the family domaine, one which was created when great grandfather Louis Gadais switched from small-scale polyculture to cultivating purely the vine.

Louis handed the domaine down to his sons, Marcel and Michel, and it eventually came to the next generation, Pierre-Henri’s father, Christophe. During the past two decades it is Christophe who has held the reins at Gadais Père et Fils, but control is now gradually being passed to Pierre-Henri, who has chalked up an impressive resume working in Burgundy, New Zealand and Bordeaux, among other places.

Pierre-Henri Gadais, Domaine de la Combe

While you might think taking on the running of the family domaine to be enough for most young vignerons newly returned to the fold, this does not seem to be the case here. Not long after his return to the region Pierre-Henri Gadais also took over the running of a neighbouring domaine, Les Grands Presbytères; the proprietor Nelly Marzelleau had handed over the reins to Christophe Gadais in 2009, but with Pierre-Henri’s arrival the family took over the estate completely, renaming it Domaine de la Combe in the process. He quickly converted the entire 9 hectares to organics, with a sprinkling of biodynamics.

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