Bernard Baudry, 2011 Update

Although my principal focus at this year’s Salon was Savennières, followed by Montlouis, there are some domaines that – regardless of how distant they might be from these appellations – simply can not be ignored. The idea of going to the Salon and not tasting the latest releases from the likes of Domaine Huet or Château de Villeneuve, for example, seems like heresy. To this list of must-visit domaines I would also add top Chinon estate Bernard Baudry.

Bernard Baudry

As with last year it was Matthieu that poured the wines, Bernard ever-present but somehow always melting into the background whenever I appear. It seemed appropriate that Matthieu should lead the way; this is now his domaine, the son having gradually taken over from the father during the last couple of years. We started with the 2009 vintage, a mix of bottled wines and those still in barrel, before moving onto the embryonic 2010s.

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