Bernard Baudry, 2010 Update

There are some domaines where it is always a delight to taste the wines, and naturally Bernard Baudry is one such domaine. Well that’s my opinion, anyway, although it is possible I suppose that others might feel differently. Something that happened when I tasted at Baudry’s stand last year, at the 2009 Salon, suggested this possibility to me. I was midway through tasting Baudry’s range when another taster – an individual I knew by reputation, but was not personally acquainted with – began to taste alongside me. She did not keep her opinions of the wines to herself. “Smells like a wet dog” was her comment on the first offering, whilst the next was judged in a similarly peremptory fashion. “It reeks of sulphur” was her opinion this time. My eyes nearly popped out; believe me, there was nothing canine about any of Baudry’s 2007s, which were some of the best wines of the appellation in what was a difficult vintage. And, being sulphur-sensitive – for example, I find most of the non-vintage Champagnes at the annual CIVB tasting reek of the stuff, a characteristic that rides roughshod over every other possible aroma – I was certain Baudry’s wines had no such problem either.

Bernard Baudry

Clearly, some of us live in very different taste-worlds.

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