A Visit to Domaine Bernard Baudry, 2017

“There’s no time to see Le Clos Guillot”, said Matthieu Baudry as we pulled up in the courtyard of the domaine. This piece of news wasn’t really a surprise. It was July 2016 and we had just finished an otherwise comprehensive tour of the Baudry vineyard portfolio, stopping off at Les Grézeaux, the gravel vineyard opposite the domaine, Les Granges, the more sandy alluvial vineyard further out towards the Vienne, and finally La Croix Boissée, a highly-prized lieu-dit of limestone and clay up on the côte. This tour had taken up the best part of the morning, and I knew Matthieu had a lunch appointment looming. “Let’s go and taste”, he said, and with that we headed inside to check out the entire portfolio, white and red, in the 2014 and 2015 vintages. “I guess”, he suggested at the end of our tasting, “we will have to keep a visit to Le Clos Guillot for next time”.

Bernard Baudry

Matthieu is nothing if not true to his word, so here we were not quite twelve months later, striking out once more from his domaine on the road between Chinon and Cravant-les-Coteaux for Le Clos Guillot. Matthieu led the way and I followed behind, driving in convoy, but we only got as far as the zone industrielle at the back of Chinon. Here Matthieu pulled in at a garage so that he could leave his little white van here for its contrôle technique, the French biennial test of roadworthiness. He then vaulted into the passenger seat (of my wife’s car, borrowed for this occasion – this seemingly unimportant fact may become relevant later) and we headed back up into the vineyards, towards Le Clos Guillot.

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