L’Affût, 2022 Update

Pause for a moment to think of the white wines of the Loire Valley and surely Sauvignon Blanc comes to mind? Of course, it may be that you are allergic to this variety, and perhaps more interested in Chenin Blanc, or Melon de Bourgogne, or one of the region’s less commonly encountered varieties. Even so, Sauvignon Blanc holds an unassailable position as the Loire Valley’s number one variety in terms of area planted, and the two seem inseparable. Like Bonnie and Clyde. Or malevolent clowns and nightmares.

Indeed, so strong is this association, one which was reinforced by the exclusion of other varieties from the generic Touraine appellation in 2016, this is tempting to think that every white outside Vouvray and Montlouis-sur-Loire must be made with Sauvignon Blanc. But this is certainly not the case. indeed, there are corners of the Loire Valley where Sauvignon blanc is an unwanted interloper, its arrival and dominance an indicator of its current commercial appeal rather than any historic association with the region.


The vineyards of the Sologne, sandwiched between the waters of the Loire and the Cher, is one such region. Among the vignerons trying to hold on to this heritage, despite the actions of the INAO which would rather (it seems) everybody planted Sauvignon Blanc everywhere is Isabelle Pangault, of L’Affût.

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