Château Bellevue Mondotte: Tasting & Drinking

There is a house style which applies to all the wines of Gérard Perse, the vinification of which are overseen by his maître de chai Laurent Lusseau, with consultation from Michel Rolland as required. Although in some recent vintages the style of Château Pavie itself has stepped back from the brink somewhat, in the other wines it remains as strong as ever.

Château Bellevue Mondotte

Looking specifically to Château Bellevue Mondotte, there is an extreme sense of ripeness in the wines, what I would call sur-maturité, which tends to produce a less distinct fruit profile, moving away from fresh and readily identifiable fruit flavours first to those with a sweeter, cooked, concentrated style, reminiscent of baked cherry pie, or cherry jam, before at the far extreme the fruit flavours become diffuse, anonymous, with no boundaries to their flavours, a sort of mash of prunes, raisins and cooked fruits. The wine develops a brown and brawny style, especially with age, manifesting as meat-stock scents in the 2005 I tasted not so long ago.

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