Château Bellevue Mondotte: Monsieur Augème

Only a browse through older copies of Cocks et Féret, the Bordeaux bible, provided any information on the existence of the estate, as well as hinting at its origins. In the latter years of the 19th century there was no mention of the property, although there was a tantalising suggestion of a shared origin with La Mondotte. The 1883 edition of Cocks et Féret reveals that at La Mondotte there were two individuals tending to vines, including a Monsieur Loiseau who was turning out 10 tonneaux per annum, and a Madame Verneuil whose production was slightly smaller at 8 tonneaux. In the 1886 edition the latter proprietor is noted to be the Veuve Verneuil, otherwise nothing has changed.

Château Pavie

By the time the 1908 Cocks et Féret was published, however, the situation does seem to have developed. At La Mondotte only Pierre Loizeau (the spelling seems to have mutated a little) remains, his production having increased somewhat to 15 tonneaux. Meanwhile, a new parcel named Bellevue-Mondotte has suddenly popped up, coincidentally also with an annual production of 8 tonneaux.

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