Sébastien Brunet, 2022 Update

In this, the second in this informal series of reports from Vouvray, I catch up with one of the appellation’s younger vignerons, Sébastien Brunet. For the first report, check out my recently published tasting notes on the 2019s from Michel Autran.

I first met and tasted with Sébastien back in 2013, about the same time I met Michel Autran. Indeed, it was about that time that a whole host of new names began to pop up in the appellation, many of whom were graduates of the lycée viticole in Amboise. There they had been taught by Vincent Carême and Damien Delecheneau, among others, and this raft of new blood brought an invigorating sense of dynamism to the appellation. Sébastien is one of Amboise’s alumni.

Sébastien Brunet

In this tasting I focus on Sébastien’s wines from the 2020 vintage.

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