Domaine de la Pépière, 2023 Update

My first port of call in Muscadet country, eager to check out what they had produced in the 2022 vintage, not to mention see which cru communal cuvées were being lined up ready for release, was Domaine de la Pépière.

The retirement of Marc Ollivier is now old news; indeed, I haven’t set eyes on Marc for several years. Of course, during the pandemic, I didn’t set eye on any of my favourite vignerons at all. But even when I called in on the domaine back in 2019 to check out the vineyards and taste the latest, it was Rémi Branger who showed me around. The 2019 vintage was Marc’s last, and all the wines tasted and reported on here (bar one, a sole cru communal release from the 2019 vintage) come from the hands of Rémi Branger and Gwénaëlle Croix. I hope Marc is enjoying his retirement.

Domaine de la Pépière, 2023 Update

The first thing I did was ask Rémi how the 2022 season and harvest had gone.

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