Jo Landron, 2020 Update

Jo Landron (pictured below) never fails to offer visitors a cheery smile, even if it isn’t always that easy to see it, as it hides beneath his billowing moustache. This time, however, Jo’s welcome was brighter and more beaming than ever. While he, like his peers, had a problem with frost in the 2019 vintage, it was much less severe than that seen in some other recent vintages, and it seems to me he was pleased with the eventual outcome. Indeed, no sooner had we shook hands (obviously this was before the current viral-induced moratorium on such greetings) than he was filling my glass with his first 2019. His eyes, displaying a level of joy and eagerness you might associate with a child’s first visit to a sweetshop, told me all I needed to know about Jo’s view of the vintage.

Jo Landron

The Wines

So we kicked off with two from 2019, first the 2019 Amphibolite Nature, followed by the 2019 Les Houx. The former is softly composed yet still minerally and filled with energy and grip, and it will be a fantastic choice for drinking now and during the next year or two. Indeed, it is so good I preferred it to Les Houx in the same vintage, which impresses all the same with its plush texture and minty lift.

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