Jo Landron, 2017 Update

As is the case with many of his peers, Jo Landron was hit hard by the frost that devastated a number of vineyards up and down the Loire Valley in the 2016 vintage  Across the entire domaine he lost on average 70% in the frost, leaving him very short of fruit, and thus wine, in this very difficult year.

As a consequence Jo (pictured below) decided to look elsewhere for fruit in this vintage, and he clearly had some success; the 2016 domaine cuvée is made from purchased fruit. Perhaps the most surprising thing about this is not that Jo took the decision to seek out and buy some fruit for this cuvée, but that he actually managed to find anybody willing to sell. Finding sources of fruit – especially if you are wedded to buying only organically grown fruit – has been a real challenge after such widespread destruction.

Jo Landron

This is a problem up and down the Loire Valley in this vintage, and it explains why a number of Ligérian vignerons have gone outside the region to find sources of fruit that they can vinify. These include, for example, François Chidaine (in Montlouis and Vouvray) who has sourced Chenin Blanc for a Vin de France cuvée from Limoux, and Nicolas Grosbois (in Chinon) who bought and vinified fruit in Gaillac.

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