Domaine Huet, 2014: Return to 2002

Following on from my recent look at the 2013 vintage chez Huet I though it would be an appropriate moment to publish these notes, on five wines from the 2002 vintage. Subscribers may well remember that a year-or-so ago I highlighted some growing concern regarding premature oxidation in the 2002 vintage from Domaine Huet, an issue which has also been described on the Wine Disorder 2002 Huet Wiki, in which participants have been posting all their experiences with 2002 Domaine Huet.

I have previously looked at a number of wines from the 2002 vintage in this previous report, when I focused on the pétillant and sec wines. In that report I found some oxidation in the 2002 Pétillant Réserve and the 2002 Le Mont Sec, although with such a small sample size no meaningful conclusion could be drawn from this finding, other than a realisation that I probably needed to be pulling, tasting and reporting on this vintage at a slightly faster rate than I was already doing.

Domaine Huet

With that in mind I kick off this small examination of the sweeter side of the Domaine Huet portfolio in the 2002 vintage with another look at the 2002 Pétillant Réserve. The reason for looking at this wine again is not a strong concern, even though there is definitely some variation in the bottles from my own cellar. It is more that I have a lot of bottles stacked up, and any excuse to open one is a good excuse in my book. Thereafter I move onto four sweeter wines also all pulled from my cellar, two demi-sec, one moelleux and one moelleux première trie. My expectation that there would be any problem with these wines was low; most reports, such as the Wine Disorder thread linked above, seem to indicate it is the drier wines that have been afflicted most.

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