Domaine Huet, 2014 Update

Having visited a number of domaines in Vouvray this summer, and having consequently extensively overhauled my relevant domaine profiles over the last few months, I now come to look at the latest releases from Domaine Huet.

Despite having been refused permission to taste the wines by Sarah Hwang when I attended the Salon des Vins de Loire in February 2014, a consequence of having criticised the 2012s which reflected very plainly the great difficulties of that vintage, my intention is to continue on reviewing the wines of this benchmark Vouvray domaine. It is quite likely that this will entail buying the bottles, which is the case with the wines described below. Having said that, in the interest of fair representation I must also disclose that I was invited earlier this year to a tasting of the wines with Sarah Hwang by the team from Armit Wines, who are now Domaine Huet’s agent in the UK. I was sadly unable to attend.

Domaine Huet

The wines reported on here, the latest pétillant release as well as the three sec cuvées from the 2013 vintage, were all purchased from the tasting room at the domaine during July 2014. I did not taste samples before buying. I made no visit to the domaine’s offices on the Rue de la Croix Buisée other than to purchase these bottles.

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