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Château Gaudrelle, 2020 Update

Château Gaudrelle, 2020 Update

There is a quiet revolution going on in Vouvray. One by one, slowly but surely, domaines are changing hands, being passed from one generation to the next, or in some cases (where there is no willing son or daughter) from proprietor to associate. It is a gradual changing of the guard upon which I have already commented in some of my other recently published Vouvray updates, most notably my report on the latest releases from Domaine des Aubuisières, where Bernard Fouquet is in the process of handing over the reins to Charles Lesaffre.

Château Gaudrelle is yet another Vouvray domaine going through a similar process. Alexandre Monmousseau (pictured below) has been at the helm here for as long as I can remember but in recent years he has been looking for a change in direction, and perhaps to wind things down a little. As a consequence in 2019 he sold Château Gaudrelle to his associate Eric Pasquier, who has been working alongside Alexandre for at least a decade. New owner Eric took possession of the domaine, vineyards, cellars and range of wines when they signed the papers, on December 31st 2019.

Château Gaudrelle

Alexandre intends to continue work in the region as a consultant and négociant dealing specifically in Chenin Blanc, although when we last spoke he said it was too early to tell how this would turn out. Setting up in the middle of this pandemic has, I imagine, not been remotely easy. I wish Alexandre the best in this new venture. As for Château Gaudrelle, Eric Pasquier intends to continue moving the domaine into organics, and I feel confident this domaine, which has been on the up in recent years, will continue its ascendency.

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