Gadais Père et Fils, 2020 Update

The name of Gadais is well-known in Muscadet circles. The domaine really got going during the early 20th-century when Louis Gadais began bottling and exporting his wines to the USA, working with the American importer Frank Schoonmaker. From him the domaine came to his sons and then his grandson, Christophe Gadais. While Christophe has been the face of the domaine for many years, in recent times I have become used tasting with the fourth generation of the family, Pierre-Henri Gadais.

Gadais Père et Fils

On this occasion, however, it was Christophe (pictured above) who greeted me, Pierre-Henri being preoccupied with his newborn baby, a new arrival for this winemaking family. And a future fifth-generation winemaker perhaps?

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