Les Bêtes Curieuses, 2020 Update

As seasoned Muscadet drinkers are perhaps already aware, Les Bêtes Curieuses is the brainchild of the two Jérémies, more properly known as Jérémie Mourat (pictured below) of the eponymous domaine in the Fiefs Vendéens appellation, and Jérémie Huchet, the young patron of an extensive Muscadet empire including Domaine de a Chauvinière, among others. The two Jérémies joined forces some years ago to create Les Bêtes Curieuses, focusing on the wines of the new crus communaux appellations.

Les Bêtes Curieuses

Having started out with some older vintages, some clearly in élevage for a long time (they began working together in 2012, but one of their most noteworthy early releases was a 2004 Gorges which had been left on the lees for eight years), today the vintages are a little less distant. On this occasion, however, I started with a completely new cuvée, featuring the sommelier’s best friend (in that it comes in at a lower price point than most Muscadet), Folle Blanche.

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