Château Grand Barrail Lamarzelle Figeac: Vineyards

Being one of many properties derived from the vineyard of Château Figeac, Château Grand Barrail Lamarzelle Figeac naturally lies in the western peripheries of the St Emilion appellation. The imposing château towers sits at the side of the road running west through the vineyards towards the suburbs of Libourne. Indeed, as you might expect, the estate sits rather closer to Libourne and the vineyards of Pomerol than it does the town of St Emilion. Its nearest neighbours of note are obviously Château Figeac, which sits on the opposite side of the road, although set well back and obscured from view by trees. A little way to the east is Château Yon-Figeac and beyond that Château Laroze, while to the northwest Château Montlabert is waiting to be discovered.

Château Grand Barrail Lamarzelle Figeac

There are approximately 15 hectares of vines here today, and the soils underfoot are a mix of gravel, the famed Graves de St Emilion which characterise the Figeac sector, along with some elements of clay, ferruginous minerals and sand.

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