Château Cheval Blanc: Pierre Lurton

More then twenty years after his appointment Pierre Lurton remains the man in charge at Château Cheval Blanc, and today he divides his time between this estate and Château d’Yquem. He does, of course, also have some responsibility for other estates located nearby, acquired much more recently by LVMH, including for a while Château La Tour du Pin (more on the fate of this estate in my examination of the Cheval Blanc vineyards) and Château Quinault L’Enclos. He also has a family vineyard he looks after.

Château Cheval Blanc

One of Pierre’s most significant early contributions was to instruct a detailed soil analysis to be carried out, work that was undertaken by Kees Van Leeuwen who was the technical director of the estate at the time. The survey facilitated a much better understanding of the vineyard, the varied soils that could be found here, and where they occurred in the vineyard. This was helpful in terms of understanding the quality of the harvested fruit, and was surely also instrumental in the design of the cellars that came many years later.

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