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A Visit to Vincent Carême, October 2020

A Visit to Vincent Carême, October 2020

Having followed the path many times, the brief walk from the cellars of Vincent Carême up the hill to Le Clos, on the première côte east of Vernou-sur-Brenne, is by now a familiar one. The narrow lane runs around the domaine, climbing and curving round to the left, until it delivers you directly to Le Clos.

On this occasion, although I would not admit it to the ever-energetic Vincent (pictured below), as we ascended towards the première côte I felt myself getting a little short of breath. It was yet another reminder that I needed to get back on the treadmill, an ‘old friend’ which I have been neglecting of late. Undaunted, I did my best to keep up, while trying (but failing, I am sure) to look as though I eat up long hill walks for breakfast (rather than the truth, which more closely resembles a large platter of croissants).

Vincent Carême

For reasons now apparent I was glad, having puffed my way round the final bend, when the vines of Le Clos came into view on my left. To my surprise, though, Vincent then veered right, heading down and out towards the edge of the plateau, on a rough track I don’t recall even noticing before. Accompanying him, the track soon petered out, and I found myself standing at the edge of a tiny parcel of vines, looking out across the rooftops and the valley floor below (pictured below). We had arrived at Vincent’s latest project, the Clos de la Roche Vouvray.

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